Just got back from the CBT with 1st Gear (shout out to http://www.1stgearmtc.co.uk/ ). Managed to get to grips with it, and passed!

So the things I need to work on are (not surprisingly) clutch control – Really need to learn to NOT dump the clutch in first, and come off it much more slowly and smoothly. Also need to get better at breaking. Like most first time riders I expect i’m far too heavy on the front break, and tend to forget the foot break. Everything is reversed from a car so its confusing! Not to mention i’ve been driving an automatic for the past 4 years, so getting back into using a clutch (and using a different limb for it) is not so simple.

On the positive side, no crashes, low slides, offs or anything untoward. Really loved the experience. I think the quintessential moment was going out onto the road, and cruising round the back of the Aviator Hotel, and out into the Farnborough Airfield business estate. A beautiful sunset and crisp winter air.

The thing I will point out, is that to take a CBT you must own a pair of motorcycle gloves. 1st Gear will kindly sell you a set of these for only £20, however after about 10 minutes of riding, I figured out that there was absolutely no warmth in them whatsoever…

So the bike I rode was a little Yamaha SR. It had a clutch with a very high biting point, but I admit that I enjoyed riding it. Seeing as Infinity are so close to home, and that they’re a Yamaha dealer, I will probably look at Yamaha bikes. Probably a YBR 125.

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Tristan Findley


Tristan is an IT Professional, Photographer and motorcycle enthusiast. Working full-time as a Systems Administrator for Royal Holloway, but running his own photography company, and the occasional IT Contract. Tristan has been riding motorcycles since 2016, and is the original author of "My First Motorcycle", the forerunner to this site. He built it with the intention of providing a resource to those interested in riding, and to give something back to the community that had helped get him started in the world of motorcycles.

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