So as a new rider, I’ve not even tried Filtering yet (known as Lane Splitting in the US). Needless to say it’s probably the thing I’m least confident about attempting. As a car driver, I’d often wondered about its safety, or even its legality.

Now I can’t speak for anywhere else in the world, but here in the UK it is legal. I probably should be doing it, and I will start to learn now that I’ve seen this video below.

Thanks to YouTube recommendations, I found this awesome video about filtering, as well as the /DRIVE channel which seems to have a whole load of really great instructional and helpful videos.

Some of the key tips for Filtering taken from this video.

  • Beware of gaps in traffic
  • Paint has less traction
  • Cover your brakes
  • Stop within the Driver’s field of vision
  • Watch Driver’s blind spots.

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Tristan Findley


Tristan is an IT Professional, Photographer and motorcycle enthusiast. Working full-time as a Systems Administrator for Royal Holloway, but running his own photography company, and the occasional IT Contract. Tristan has been riding motorcycles since 2016, and is the original author of "My First Motorcycle", the forerunner to this site. He built it with the intention of providing a resource to those interested in riding, and to give something back to the community that had helped get him started in the world of motorcycles.

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  1. Rachel Watts 6 years ago

    Also watch out for cars doing u turns in front of you when overtaking stationary or slow moving traffic. Paul left a pretty big dent in a car driver’s door, wrote his bike off and was in A&E 24 hours later. One clue it might happen is a lay by of some sort on the opposite side of the road.