So after my commute home on Wednesday I decided to look up the rules on filtering, as I genuinely had no idea, and I might have had to do a little to get through the horrible traffic on the A30. After a little Googling, I managed to find the following information:

You may not:

  • cross solid white lines except to pass an obstruction or to overtake a slow (10mph), horse, bicycle, local authority vehicle (with its amber beacon flashing)
  • overtake after passing a No Overtaking sign, until you reach the end of restriction sign
    No Overtaking

    No Overtaking sign

  • overtake the vehicle nearest a pedestrian crossing (most foot plod think you cannot overtake on a crossing inside the zigzags – this is what the Highway Code says – so it is probably safer to apply the broader rule)

However, you may overtake vehicles where there is a solid white line on your side of the road if you can pass the vehicle without crossing or straddling the white line with any part of your vehicle.

You may:

  • enter a hatched lane divide as long as it has dashed boundary lines and it is safe and necessary to do so
  • pass traffic on the left (ie undertake) queuing or slow moving traffic but you should not change lane in order to gain an advantage
  • pass traffic on the left if the vehicle is indicating to turn right
  • pass traffic on the left if you are turning left in a dedicated left turn lane
  • pass traffic on the left in a one way street

For the full artcile, please visit:


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