So a brief roundup from the weekend. On Saturday I decided to test the new Bluetooth intercom and head out to Basingstoke – A route I know pretty well by car, so if anything goes wrong I can still find my way home.

Route: Farnborough to Basingstoke, via Aldershot (125 friendly)

The intercom worked brilliantly! I didn’t try any music streaming of FM Radio, but the sat-nav quality, as well as the phone call quality, was superb.  A great time riding out that way, with only a minor bit of navigation confusion around the now completely re-worked Basingstoke Black Dam Roundabout.

Navigation wise, I’m currently opting for Google Maps over Waze, which is what I use when I drive. I did want to use Apple Maps owing to its integration with Apple Watch and the rest of the iOS platform, but it apparently doesn’t allow you to route around highways (motorways), which is a bit of a sod.

Sunday provided to be another great day of riding. A quick trip out Wokingham way to help a friend with a computer problem.

Route: Farnborough to Wokingham (125 friendly)

Over-all, I’m really getting comfortable riding now. There are still things I need to work on. I feel more confident at reading the road ahead and pre-selecting gears and planning my deceleration, and I’m even getting a bit of experience leaning (only a little, but I’ve gotta start somewhere!)

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Tristan Findley


Tristan is an IT Professional, Photographer and motorcycle enthusiast. Working full-time as a Systems Administrator for Royal Holloway, but running his own photography company, and the occasional IT Contract. Tristan has been riding motorcycles since 2016, and is the original author of "My First Motorcycle", the forerunner to this site. He built it with the intention of providing a resource to those interested in riding, and to give something back to the community that had helped get him started in the world of motorcycles.

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