Firstly, I hope that everyone has survived Storm Katie with the minimum amount of damage. On my travels over the weekend I certainly saw a lot of trees down and debris over the roads. Hope all riders stay safe and aware over the next few days while its all cleared up! Shout out to Infinity Motorcycles who had some of their front windows blown in – Hope they get fixed soon!

Well I’ve posted a fair amount over the Easter weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t get out on the bike anywhere near as much as I would have liked, but a few other things have happened.

So what did happen? Three of us took another trip up to the Ace Café, (this time in the car) which involved a rather good lunch, which then resulted in photos of some awesome bikes.

Then on the Friday night I did manage to get out on the bike, which ended up as a rather impromptu photoshoot around Farnborough. I’ve debated offering this kind of thing to other bikers. If you’re a biker in the local area, and fancy some photos, just Contact Me and we can set something up. Not planning on charging for this, unless a lot of traveling is required (hence; local area), but I will just ask for a small credit and/or a share on the social medias if you like it and decide to use it!

While I’ve not been out on the bike, I might have been starting to think about live beyond the Direct Access course (assuming I pass and get my A2 license), and quite possibly might have been window shopping for bikes… So far I’ve only taken a trip to Lind Harley Davidson, Guildford and Destination Triumph, Guildford, but I’m starting to get a feel for what is out there from the various manufacturers and the different sorts of bikes I could move to. I will make a point to visit Kawasaki to see what they have, and definitely pay another visit to Infinity, Farnborough.

So in other news, I’ve thinking about the future of this blog and the future of what I’m trying to build. While I would like to grow this site into more, I am aware that I need to start off small. I’m thinking about starting a new motorcycle themed site with the content from this as a starting point, getting other new riders and seasoned riders to contribute over time. Tips, tricks, reviews, ideas, rides, routes, destinations, links, suggestions, photos, videos. The sky is the limit. I have ideas, and I have thoughts. I just need time, a few people who want to contribute some content every once in a while, and a cool catchy Domain Name.

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Tristan Findley


Tristan is an IT Professional, Photographer and motorcycle enthusiast. Working full-time as a Systems Administrator for Royal Holloway, but running his own photography company, and the occasional IT Contract. Tristan has been riding motorcycles since 2016, and is the original author of "My First Motorcycle", the forerunner to this site. He built it with the intention of providing a resource to those interested in riding, and to give something back to the community that had helped get him started in the world of motorcycles.

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