Stopped at Newlands Corner for a break before heading to Ryka’s Café? Then maybe try this back-country route via the winding country roads of Ranmore Common. Head out from Newlands Corner following the A25 toward Ryka’s, then veer left onto Comba Lane to get some back-country cornering in.

Route Tips

Make sure to keep your whits about you as there are a few long sweeping bends with limited visibility and one particularly nasty corner that is a 160º right hander. Avoid this route after heavy windfalls or storms as there can occasionally be tree’s down and debris on the road.


Full License / CBT / 125cc route – Newlands Corner to Ryka’s Café – Route by Google Maps


Full License / CBT / 125cc return route – Ryka’s Café to Newlands Corner – Route by Google Maps

Points of Interest

Special Thanks to Zenith Quasar for this route


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