Filtering Tips from the Police Road craft handbook

Some great tips on filtering from the Police Road Craft Handbook.

If you decide to filter:

  • Take extreme care
  • Keep your speed low – you need to be able to stop suddenly if circumstances change
  • Always identify a place where you can rejoin the traffic flow before you move out
  • Make yourself visible – consider using dipped headlight
  • Be ready to break and/or use the horn
  • Use the opportunity to make progress but be courteous and avoid conflict with other road users.

Watch out for and anticipate:

  • Pedestrians crossing between vehicles
  • Vehicles emerging from junctions
  • Vehicles changing lanes or U-Turning without warning
  • Doors opening
  • Reflective paint and studs which could throw the bike off line
  • traffic islands
  • other bikes also filtering

Thanks to Thomas Evans‎ for posting this on Facebook

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