Melted material on Exhaust

Melted trouser legI had just gotten back from a ride and parked up in the garage, and as I had parked a little too close to my other bike I decided to get off the non-kickstand side (yeah I’m a bit of an idiot, and wont be doing that again in a hurry!). Just after I got off I felt a warmth building on the back of my right ankle. After quickly moving my foot away I inspected the exhaust of my bike, and of course there was a rather large black splodge of melted nylon fabric all over my exhaust.

Now I’m sure that this has happened to a number of riders, but we’re not all riding around with large bits of melted garment all over our bike. So how do you remove melted material from chrome exhausts without damaging your finish?

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Pete, the technique I’ve used is to wait for the exhaust to cool and then to use an old credit card to rub against the edge of the melted material. Thankfully melted nylon goes pretty brittle after its melted, so in my case I was able to remove all but the most stubborn pieces (I think these were the seam of the trouser-leg).

Melted material on ExhaustSo far I’ve removed ‘most’ of the melted material and restored the finish using a chrome polish. I’m hoping that with further heat from future rides the remainder of the material will be easy to remove, but only time will tell.

I’ll continue to update this as I remove more of the residue, and also attempt to get my trouser leg repaired.

Has this happened to you? Do you have your own method for removing melted material or other stubborn stains from chrome exhausts? Leave us a comment below to tell us all about it!

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