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Product: BikeKini V-Twin Waterproof travel cover (Mid)
Manufacturer: BikeKini (Available from)
Supplier: Amazon UK (Large Black = £34.99, Large Red = £34.99, Mid Red = £29.99)
Purchase Price (as reviewed): £0.00 (£34.99)
Purchase Date: 3rd February 2017
Review Date: 14th June 2017
Long Term Review: TBA
Reviewer: Tristan Findley

There’s nothing worse than going for a ride, and finding that when you decide to stop for a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich that the local raincloud comes over and deposits its moisture all over your lovely clean bike. If only you’d brought your bike cover from home…

Most bikers wont travel with a bike cover because they’re generally large and heavy, not to mention they take up precious room in your pannier. BikeKini believe they have a solution to this problem, with the BikeKini Travel Cover. This excellent product is a lightweight travel cover that weighs just 150g and compresses down to something akin to a lightweight pair of waterproof over-trousers. When deployed it will cover the tank and seat of your bike in waterproof ripstop nylon.

A few months back I purchased (and reviewed) the BikeKini Waterproof Travel Cover which was my go-to solution for an on-the-go cover to protect the top of my lovely lady from the elements. This is a perfect travel cover for my Suzuki GSR-750 street bike, but not a great fit for my Triumph America LT. For this cruiser, the standard BikeKini Travel Cover is just a little small as it leaves few elements of the tank exposed.. Enter The BikeKini V-Twin.

Manufacturer’s Description of the BikeKini


The BIKEKINI travel covers are a patented design and manufactured by hand in the UK. This model is BESPOKE DESIGNED ALL LARGE V-TWIN MOTORCYCLES ( SEE LIST) in beautiful soft, ripstop nylon. AVAILABLE IN BLACK or RED with a reversible silver heat reflective side. These will keep seats -20 degrees cooler on a hot day. Fully waterproof with an HH rating of 5,000mm. They are perfect for light travel, commuting, rallies or to keep the dust off in your garage. No more problems trying to carry a protective cover with you. These are small enough to fit under your seat. These fit and pack away again in under a minute due to their size. Supplied with two storage pouches which double as wing mirror protectors and great for storing small items with an elastic toggle closure. A tailpack unit is available in our store which can be semi-permanently fitted to the motorbike seat or sissy bar and removed and worn around the waist to carry essential items such as phones, keys & sunglasses.

Covers can be machine washed at 30 degrees and are easy to wipe clean. With the supplied side straps fitted, they are suitable for towing behind a vehicle. A locking loop is fitted which will accept a wire lock (also available in our store).

The perfect gift for your biking partner.

Bespoke printing is available at our main website. We are licensed by the Isle of Man TT races and provide unique TT designs. Printing available for Rallies, Club Chapters, Events, Racing Teams, Sponsors, Showrooms or individual designs.

Benefits of a BikeKini

The BikeKini is a simple and straight forward product, but it gives you a number of useful features. It is a two-sided length of PV coated rip-stop 70D nylon that features a 5,000mm Waterproofing HH rating and UV- protection (tested up to 1,000 hrs).

One side of the BikeKini is black (offering the rain protection) while the other side is a UV-Reflective silver for those hot sunny days. Both sides protect your bike from the elements, such as rain, snow, sleet, spray from the road, bird crap, pests, and other nasties that might fall on your bike.

The black side is great for parking your bike in most situations, and features a reflective silver strip around the edge of the BikeKini to improve visibility if your bike (especially useful if parking on the street at night as these show up really well in headlights. The flip-side of the BikeKini is a silver reflective material that will reflect the heat from the sun, keeping your bike seat nice and cool and comfortable to sit on.

As most of us UK Bikers know, we don’t tend to ride around in shorts or hotpants like the girl in the promotional video below (we barely get enough of the right weather to warrant it, let along the safety concerns), but we all know that uncomfortable feeling of having to sit on a hot motorcycle seat after our 30-minute break at the local rider watering hole. Or worse – coming back to a puddle of rain on your seat from the unexpected rain shower that the weather service failed to forecast less than an hour before you’re due to ride home.

Now while the BikeKini can’t solve the issue of the weather being too hot/wet/cold/crap/unpredictable, it can at least make protecting your parked bike a quick and easy business.

Different BikeKini’s for Different Ladies

BikeKini manufacture a few different variants of the BikeKini. I already own a regular BikeKini for my Suzuki GSR-750 (read my previous review here) which I purchased in August 2016. I have been extremely happy with this product and use it regularly. It fits perfectly in my limited under-seat storage along with my disc lock.

But one size does not fit every lady. For the larger lady in my life – my Triumph America LT – BikeKini also manufacture the BikeKini V-Twin. Essentially this is the same product as the regular BikeKini but with a larger footprint to cover a wider tank and a larger body.

In the Box

  • BikeKini V-Twin cover (Black/Silver)
  • BikeKini Tail Pack*1 – See Update
  • 2x BikeKini Mirror Covers
  • Bag of attachments including:
    • 3x Socks to cover protect your bike from the plastic buckles
    • 2x Grip Clips
    • 2x bungie cords
    • Extension Strap

Fitting the V-Twin

The official video for fitting the BikeKini V-Twin is available on the BikeKini YouTube Channel. Unfortunately when I received my BikeKini I discovered that the lovely lady was not included in the box to fit it for me. Guess I’ll have to fit it myself then…

First start by unpacking the BikeKini from its travel bag. Normally the BikeKini is stored inside of one of the two mirror covers so remove it from this as well. Now starting at the rear of the bike, clip the narrower tapered end of the BikeKini under your tail, tail tidy, or around your rear seat sissy-bar.

Now you can walk up along the bike, bringing the BikeKini with you. Pull it up to the front of the bike, and secure the wider end under the front fender, light or nose of your bike. The first time you do this, you’ll need to adjust the straps for a good fit for your bike. I suggest that you leave one strap adjusted at all times (probably the rear) and just adjust the other strap for a closer fit when you deploy the cover.

All BikeKini travel covers come with optional side tension straps that can be fitted. These are especially useful for high wind, but I would personally recommend leaving them attached the whole time as they give you a better all-round fit around the sides of your tank. The first time you use the BikeKini you’ll want to fit the straps, but from then on you can leave them fitted. The BikeKini comes with three reinforced eyelets down each long side. This allows you to choose the perfect fitting location for your particular bike. The goal is to secure the tension straps under your footpegs or footboards, though these could be your passenger pegs/boards. In the case of my GSR-750, I secure my regular BikeKini on the hooks located on the arms which attach my passenger footpegs.

Now the straps are in place, simply hook into your desired location and tighten using the adjusters, and that’s it! Your BikeKini is now fitted. You can now fit the optional mirror covers. This is as simple as sliding over your mirrors and pulling the drawstrings tight.

Once you’ve fitted the straps for the first time the BikeKini should be able to be (re)fitted to the bike in less than two minutes, and packing up takes even less.

Your best side

The BikeKini can be fitted using this method with either the back or silver side up. Which you choose you will be dependent on the day or weather.

The silver side is best used when it is sunny and you want to prevent your seat from getting hot.

The black side is best used for general protection or to keep rain off of your bike.

No matter which side you choose, the fitting procedure is exactly the same.

Fitting the BikeKini V-Twin to different bikes

Here I’ll try to cover bikes I’ve tested with the BikeKini V-Twin.

Fitting to a Triumph America LT cruiser

The BikeKini V-Twin is finding a home on my Triumph America LT, and it is almost a perfect fit.

The BikeKini V-Twin will clearly fit bikes larger than my Triumph America LT

Fitting to a Harley Davidson Electra Glide tourer

Fitting the BikeKini V-Twin to the Harley Davidson Electra Glide touring bike is possible but not idea.It requires you feeding the rear strap around the seat and under the top box, which is damn fiddly to do. The front mounting point has to be under the controls as the bike is simply too wide to support the cover even with the extension strap.

An alternative rear mounting point is to the rack on top of the top-box (if fitted) but this leaves the V-Twin fairly high above the seat and might not offer the protection you wish.

BikeKini as a Winter / Garage Cover

If one of your requirements is to keep the bike protected in a garage over winter (to stop dust and the like settling on it) then the BikeKini may prove an ideal solution. It’s top-only design give you easy access to any optimate ports that you might have, while not obscuring the chain or tyres so you can keep an eye on your bikes while they rest in the garage in the colder months.

The BikeKini is not really designed for extended use outdoors. If you keep your bike outside at night, I would recommend a full cover with some locks and chains.


The BikeKini is a fairly unique product that gives bikers a convenient and portable bike cover.

For me, the BikeKini is the perfect product for touring and for commuting. It takes such a short amount of time to attach to your bike and is so small and portable that carrying it is a no-brainer for me.

Would I buy one of these? Well I already did, and had BikeKini not sent me the V-Twin I would have absolutely purchased one for my Triumph America.


*1 = The BikeKini Tailpack, although pictured, is not included with the V-Twin kit (it is included with the regular BikeKini Waterproof travel cover). I don’t see this as a major disadvantage for V-Twin’s as most larger bikes will already have panniers or underseat storage which will be perfectly suitable for this cover.


The BikeKini V-Twin was supplied by BikeKini as a review unit and was not privately purchased.

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