Want to join the next big biker community and resource?

We’re currently on the lookout for eager contributors who are looking to create content, get noticed, and be an active part of the biker community.

How to Contribute

  • Gear reviews

  • We all have to buy gear, and we all have different tastes. We encourage our contributors to talk about their purchases to write a little bit about it
  • Why you bought it?
  • What are its good points?
  • What are its weaknesses?
  • Long-term usage and quality
  • Contributors will also be encouraged to keep their reviews up-to-date, reporting back on long-term usage of the product. Readers will be able to comment on reviews and ask questions.
  • Host events

  • Do you enjoy leading rides? Love the feel of 10+ bikers riding in formation down twisty roads? We want you to organize rides and events through our site. Write about what you want to organize, where its starting from and where its going. Take photos and video while you’re out on the ride, then upload them to the site when you’re back with a writeup about the day. Publish the route. Get comments from fellow attendees and other interested riders, and build a following for yourself and for the site.
  • More Contributors

  • Know others who would like to contribute, or just know someone who would find this site useful? Share this page to social media or email them a link. We want them here to read what we have to say, to participate in discussions, feed back about what they like, and what they don’t. Who knows, they might even want to write something and share it with the community.
  • Destinations

  • Know a popular destination for bikers, or somewhere that should be? Write about it and bring it to the attention of the community. Add some photos. Why not organize a ride there?
  • Photos

  • Are you a dab-hand a photography? Then start filling our galleries with your snaps. You don’t even have to have a DSLR – just an eye and a bit of creative flair
  • MotoVloggers and Video Producers

  • Got an interest in motorbikes and video? Great! We’re on the look-out for experienced motovloggers and enthusiastic video creators to build content for us

Why join us?

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  • Real Articles from Real People

  • All of the content created within this site will be from real riders, who live in the real world. Much of it will be based on our own experiences and opinions, but we hope in sharing this it is helpful to our readership.
  • Reader interaction

  • We want to hear from our readers – what they liked, what they didn’t like, what we could do better, what they want to see more of. Readers will be able to interact with articles through the comments system located below each article. Simply leave a comment and it will be checked by the automated spam filter before appearing on the site.
  • Contributor Blogs

  • All regular contributors to the site will be able to maintain their own blog. This allows them to share their own biking adventure in their own words, allowing them to create content for the site and leveraging the sites existing user-base.
  • Events

  • A central place with which we can advertise events for other groups. This gives groups a non-facebook based system with which to host event information, and allows people without social media access to interact with the event organisers.
  • Bike reviews and Comparisons

  • All bikers like riding new and exciting machines, and before we buy we like to know as much about them as possible. We want to hear about your experiences with your own bike, and any others that you may have owned or test-ridden. We hope this facility will also gives retailers a unique opportunity to work with our contributors. Retailers get to leverage the site readers through mentions and links within the articles which help drive customers to them, and bike manufacturers gain from getting honest reviews about their bikes. We also hope that this is returned to us with our contributors getting to experience events, test-rides and other advantages in return for honest reviews and writeups.
  • Rider Routes

  • Rider routes will highlight good routes for riders. A ride will contain a brief description of it, along with some information about the destination. A return route can be included if there is an alternative way back. Photos can be uploaded to show off the route. Google Maps can be leveraged to provide an accurate route, which can be accessed on smartphones by clicking a link, allowing riders to exactly follow the route. GPX Track files can also be made available to the more technical-savvy riders. Readers will be able to comment and share their experiences for each route, or create and link to their own in the comments section.
  • Photo Galleries

  • Dedicated galleries to show off the beauty of motorcycling. Whether it’s candid photos from a meetup, or a professional shoot with some gorgeous classic cruisers, the galleries will be home to all of these photos
  • Featured Videos

  • Video is the new photo, and thanks to services like YouTube, there are a lot of biker videos around on the web. Our Featured Video section will bring you the best of what the net has to offer.
  • Used Bike Sales

  • A Used Bike section will be available on the site, giving contributors an opportunity to sell bikes for themselves and for others. This allows bikes to stay within the community that is built up through the site.
  • Social Media Integration

  • All content you write and publish is automatically published through the site’s Facebook page, but it can be simultaneously linked and published through yours too. Share your work with your family and friends and show off the time you’ve dedicated to making this community a better place.
  • WordPress Backend

  • Don’t have time to learn a new platform? Not a problem! With our WordPress back-end, writing articles is as easy as typing in Microsoft Word. Just log in to your account, create a post, and start typing! WordPress is a straight-forward simple to use platform with a load of features and possibility. Skills you learn here writing articles are easily transferable to your current or potential new jobs! WordPress is now used on over 25% of the world’s websites. How’s that for a transferable skill?
  • Portfolio Building

  • LinkedIn is now the go-to place for potential employers to find out more about you. When you contribute, you have the option of automatically publishing your content to your LinkedIn profile. Show off what you’ve written with pride, and you never know whom you may get head-hunted by!

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